I had a fixation on the striking bust sculpture of Queen Nefertiti during my early art school years.

A sketch of my Great Aunt Klarzie, a glamorous lass in her day. She was said to have been stopped on the streets in Belgium for Ingrid Bergman's autograph. 

The stylized floral background of the poster above highlights an example of surface pattern design.

Project for Goldman Sachs: 

Above and below are examples of "painting in" behind foreground people and objects to create what has become known as the "Ken Burns effect." This style is generated by adding an animated transition to a still image in order to create the illusion of depth and movement. The addition of pan and fade transitions to still photos tends to captivate audiences, because the result brings a still photo "to life." This technique is frequently used by filmmakers. One method to create this illusion is to separate elements out to mask into composite layers in order to clone, match and smudge their elements in Photoshop. 

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